EnviroKinetics can supply automation packages for our all products and many third-party systems. We specialize in the design of ammonia flow control units (AFCU) and burner management systems (BMS).

Ammonia Flow Control Units

Ammonia flow control units (AFCU) regulate the flow of ammonia to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

EnviroKinetics can supply AFCUs for urea, aqueous ammonia, and anhydrous ammonia systems.

Burner Management Systems

Burner management systems (BMS) are used to safe-guard fired heater operation. BMS include a programmable logic controller (PLC) and fuel control system. The PLC functions as a heater control logic solver and manages the fuel control system, which regulates fuel flow to the heater.

EnviroKinetics BMS are designed to ensure safe start-up, operation, and shut-down of fired heaters. Our systems can automate standard operating practices, ensuring adherence to established procedures and minimizing the chance for error. The BMS can also continuously monitor heater parameters and notify operators of hazardous conditions. If desired, the BMS can also perform automatic corrective action.

In effect, a BMS is designed to provide “best human operator” performance.

All EnviroKinetics BMS are fully-assembled and function-tested at our manufacturing facility prior to shipment. Client and customer witnessing of the tests is welcome and encouraged.